Standing Stone Care Celebrates A Birthday

Standing Stone Birthday

Today, our admissions director came to us after filling out a simple pleasures worksheet about our resident, Mrs. Sue England.

While speaking with Sue, our director found out so many things she never knew. Sue visited Paris, France, she climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and never once held on to the side rails, her favorite candy bar is Milky Way, and that today was her birthday.

So to make a simple pleasure come true for Sue, we contacted our local Dairy Queen and asked if they could make a Milky Way Blizzard. Dairy Queen said they didn’t have a Milky Way Blizzard, but if we brought the Milky Way, they would make special birthday Blizzard for her.

We invited all of Sue’s friends to the dining room, put a candle in the Blizzard, lit it, and watched her blow out her birthday candle. We wished her a very sweet and happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Sue!