Trust: One of the Great Lifebloods of the Spiritual Life

“A blessing on those who put their trust in the Lord, with the Lord for their hope.” -Jeremiah 17:7-8

Of all the many great gifts the Lord gives us, perhaps one of the most precious of all is trust. Trust calms our fears like the soothing words of a parent when a child wakes in the night. Trust brings life to our souls like a full, deep breath of warm spring air. Trust enables us to fly when we think we cannot.

Trust is one of the great lifebloods of the spiritual life. No matter our spiritual outlook or expression, there is always an element of trust involved. We trust that God is real and there for us. We trust that God is active and concerned in our lives. We trust in the power of love to overcome all obstacles.

Trust may sometimes be difficult, but it is always rewarding when we apply it to God. Trust is a muscle for us to exercise and strengthen, it is a tool to be sharpened, and it is a lifeline when we most need one.

-Stephen Bowling, Director of Spiritual Initiatives