Senior Olympics-Mid TN/KY Brings Many Smiles!

Last Friday I saw a dream come true. There truly is no moment that is more amazing than the sheer joy that comes across the face of another person when true happiness overtakes their being.

Last Friday ten Signature homes in the Gallatin, TN area came together to compete in their 3rd annual Senior Olympic games. Each team started off the day with a rousing battle cry during the Opening Ceremonies meant to “intimidate” their opponents!

The games were soon underway and many Elders were racing to win not only individual medals but the coveted team trophy! The games challenged the contestants both mentally and physically. Because the games were designed to enhance overall well-being, there was a special spiritual rest center incorporated into the day for each team.

My favorite part of the day soon approached as everyone prepared for the announcement of the medal winners! The joy and elation on each Elder’s face as they were called to the stage and the medal of victory was placed around their necks was inspiring for all of us to see!

One moment stands out in my mind more than any other though. There was one Elder who stopped at the close of the event to thank us for asking him to participate in the Olympic games.  I shook his hand and asked him about the medal around his neck and he replied to me simply, “I have always watched the Olympics on tv and hoped I could see them one day. This is even better, I won a gold medal. My dreams have all come true!” Wow. To us, this was another event that we love to provide for our Elders who can participate in them. To him, it was a dream come true. The pride that his face held as he showed me his medal again will be etched in my memory for a very long time.

What did I learn from this? The power that lies within each of us is so great. How do we harness the power that is within us to reach those that God has placed before us? So many times, we get caught up in the “day to day” of the business we are in and we forget the miracle the day gives to us. We have the ability to literally make people’s dreams come true each and every day. I can’t think of anything more rewarding to be part of than the business of “giving away smiles, laughter, and joy” to those who deserve it most.

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Angie McAllister