Standing Stone Residents honor the late Dr. T.M. Crain

Dr. Thomas Morrison Crain was born October 2nd, 1902 in Monterey, Tennessee. He was the fifth oldest of seven children.  He attended the University of Tennessee Medical School and was a well respected physician in Monterey for 42 years, along with his good friend, Dr. Claude A. Collins.  Together they established the Monterey Hospital, which provided much needed care for its residents.  Dr. Crain felt blessed to be a physician and Monterey was blessed to have him.  He married Effie Judd and they had two children; Theodore M. Crain Jr. and Nancy Crain Ortenblad.  Dr. Crain passed away December 24th, 1981, and was buried next to the love of his life in our beloved town of Monterey.

We at Standing Stone Care & Rehabilitation Center would like to recognize the contributions that Dr. Crain made to healthcare in Monterey.  Our facility is also the home of his medical library which was donated to our facility several years ago.   They are all on proud display in our admissions office for everyone to enjoy, along with this new dedication portrait that is in honor of him.  It is quite fascinating to look at these treasured books (some that were printed in 1857).  Again, we wish to convey our appreciation to one of Monterey’s most respected and well liked doctors of all time, Dr. Theodore M. Crain.