Do you like to ride horses, play with your grandchildren, or enjoy gardening? James Wilson sure does, and that’s exactly what he’s been doing  since he completed in-patient rehab at Standing Stone Care & Rehab Center.

When James arrived at Standing Stone he couldn’t walk, put his shoes on, or get in or out of bed due to weakness. Now he can do all the things mentioned before. He contributes his success in part to the staff, which delivered excellent care to him and always answered his questions. James felt very comfortable while participating in his rehab, because everyone was so helpful. 

He stated that, “If I have to go back to a facility (for rehabilitation) I would definitely go back to Standing Stone and I highly recommend them to others.”  James enjoyed getting to know each of his therapists, especially Joe Cravens and Lisa Connors (pictured above with him), because it contributed greatly to his overall experience, which he described as pleasant and comfortable.

If you or a loved one can sympathize with James’s experience, contact us today at 931.839.2244 and we’ll help you reclaim your health and livelihood.

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