Elizabeth Byrnes feels better than ever after completing her rehabilitation at Standing Stone Care & Rehab Center.  She thoroughly enjoyed the Activities Program while she was here too.  Elizabeth was so amazed at the variety of things she could do while she was recovering.  Not to mention that before she came she could barely walk, but now she walks with the aid of a walker and is much more steady. 

“I’ve enjoyed working with all the therapy staff, they are all so friendly and always greet you by your name,” said Elizabeth.  She also added that “I have stayed at other places and Standing Stone IS the best by far.”  At Standing Stone our residents may enter as guests, but they leave as true friends just like Elizabeth. 

We are so pleased that we were able to help Elizabeth meet her rehab goals and return home at her optimal level of functioning.  If you or your loved one have experienced a recent decline please contact us at 931.839.2244 so we can help you improve your level of functioning just in time for summer.

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