Linda Whittaker was devastated when she broke her leg in three places.  This greatly affected her quality of life, because she couldn’t get around anymore–she couldn’t even raise her leg.  However, she quickly overcame this obstacle and more once she completed in-patient rehab at Standing Stone Care & Rehab Center.  Her therapists, Lori and Amiee, really encouraged her to try hard. 

At first Linda thought it was too difficult, but she soon realized that the effort she was putting towards her therapy was really paying off.  Within a few weeks Linda could not only lift her leg again, but she could also walk with the use of a walker.  Linda stated that she definitely chose the right place and that she would recommend Standing Stone to anyone who is in need of rehabilitation.  She is now home and enjoying her usual hobbies of canning vegetables and playing cards with friends.  Call us today for all of your rehabilitation needs (speech, occupational, and physical) at 931.839.2244. We are ready to help you too!

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